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Villa rental guide : step by step

The following steps should provide a guide on getting a good villa vacation from beginning to end. If you’re looking for fun things to do once you’ve rented your villa – we love this site – they have tons of knowledge and fun tips for wherever your vacation destination is.

Have Foresight
Having foresight means that you should make the necessary steps to know what to expect by doing research. Renting a villa means that you are essentially taking control of a house for a limited period but things like chores and groceries still have to be done. This is different from the usual hotel accommodation as the villa renters need to learn how to be self-sufficient. Taking care of the villa property itself might not be a requirement as there is usually staff for that but anything from doing the dishes to changing linens have to be done independently.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

There is the saying of “better late than never” but when it comes to villa rentals, it is best to get to it early and book your stay months in advance but sometimes, waiting till the last minute to actually book a villa can bring a surprise better value. This is due to the fact that villa rental prices are not stable and can often drop depending on the current market of real estate.

Try Mining

Mining in terms of villa rental means looking at all available options and coming up with a list of potential properties that are well suited to your vacation needs. There are a lot of sites that display ads regarding properties up for rent from, and to the local newspaper. Most times, it pay through go through a professional agency as they can work out the kinks of staying in a rented villa without having to pay extra for service.

Always clear any doubts by asking questions
Being in love with a certain villa as a vacation spot does not mean all formalities have to be ignored as this can be dangerous in case of future conflicts.

Questions such as:

1. What is the distance of the property to the local market?

2. Are bed sheets and towels provided?

3. Are all areas of the villa accessible?

4. Are there extra charges for making use of certain things? Etc.

Never make the mistake of assuming that things like that should be provided for as the answers to the questions can be surprising.

Documentation is important

Be sure to get every detail of the transaction in writing so as to have proof in future if there is a conflict. It is standard practice to make use of contracts or user agreements. These documents should be gone through carefully so as to bring out any hidden costs, additional charges and taxes. The contracts should have agreements regarding things like property damage and down payment.


Get Travel Insurance

You never know what might happen during the process of traveling from one destination to the other and even taking up residence in an unknown locality. It is human nature to ignore the bad and look forward to the good so something like travel insurance that can be pretty useful but makes allusions to possible emergencies is ignored.